POLI 277: Introduction to Political Science I: Concepts, Structures, and Institutions (Rev. C5) Report a Broken Link

POLI 277 is the first half of AU's introduction to politics course. It can be taken alone for students requiring 3 credits in political science, but not wishing to take both introductory courses. For students desiring a thorough introduction to political science, those intending to do other political science courses, both introductory courses are recommended. Together with POLI 278, POLI 277 introduces students to the basic concepts, ideas, and institutions of politics. The course begins by defining such concepts as politics, conflict, and power, and then indicates how these concepts relate to the basic institutions of government with a focus on liberal democracy.

Unit 2

Required Readings
Ch. 5: Nationalism and Democracy Book Title: Nationalism: A Critical Introduction ISBN#: 9780761947219 Authors: Spencer, Philip and Howard Wollman