DDBA-804: Qualitative Research Methods Report a Broken Link

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an introduction to the range of methods, tools, and techniques that fall under the very large umbrella of qualitative research. This is an overwhelming task because qualitative methods are so incredibly diverse. They represent many different philosophical traditions, they draw on a variety of types of data and, importantly, seek to answer very different kinds of questions.

Module 1 - Starting a Qualitative Research Project (Initiation and Design)

Module 2 - Qualitative Research Genres

Module 3 - Building the Conceptual Framework

There are no readings in this module

Module 4 - Building the Research Design

There are no readings in this module

Module 5 - Data Collection Methods

There are no readings in this module

Module 6 - Managing, Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Module 7 - Mixed Methods and Case Studies

Module 8 - Trustworthiness and Ethics

Module 9 - Defending Your Proposal and Preparing Your Final Report

Module 10 - Reflection and Critique

There are no readings in this module.

Ontological and Epistemological approaches to Qualitative Data


Action Research

Textual Analysis

Critical Research

Phenomenology & Hermeneutics

Indigenous Research Methods