BIOL 310: Biology of Human Sexuality Report a Broken Link

Biology 310: Biology of Human Sexuality is a three-credit, third year university-level course that will include content on the normal and pathological aspects of the menstrual cycle; contraception; fertilization; in vitro fertilization implantation; ovum development; differentiation; prenatal diagnoses; the pathophysiology of fetal development; parturition, the breasts and lactation; and menopause and the use of hormonal replacement. As you work through this course, you will acquire an understanding of both typical sexual development and sexual development that tends to occur in individuals with disabilities.

Unit 1

What is Human Sexuality?

Unit 2

Anatomy and Physiology: The Male Body

Unit 3

Anatomy and Physiology: The Female Body

Lesson 1: External Sex Organs
Lesson 2: Internal Sex Organs

Unit 4

Sexual Response Cycle

Unit 5


Unit 6

Attraction and Love

Unit 7

Sexual Techniques and Behaviours

Unit 8

Sexual Dysfunction

Unit 9

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Unit 10

Contraception and Abortion

Unit 11

Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescents

Unit 12

Sexuality in Adulthood and in the Later Years

Unit 13

Sexuality and Disability

Lesson 2: Factors That Affect Sexual Adjustment

Unit 14

Sexually Transmitted Infections