EDUC 300: Building the Canadian Learning Society (Rev. A1) Report a Broken Link

This senior-level, three-credit course will provide an overview of adult learning and education from the 16th century to the 20th. You will learn about “uncommon schools,” and be encouraged to think about how men, women, and children learned in different times and places. We will have to learn to break out of our own “schooled imaginations” as we consider how our foremothers and forefathers learned to make a living, live their lives, and express themselves.

Unit 1

M R. Welton. Surrounded by our Stories: Learning Lessons from History.

In G. Foley, ed., Dimensions of Adult Learning: Adult Education and Training in a Global Era (Crows Nest, Australia: Allen and Unwin, 2004), pp. 122-126.

Unit 2

Michael Welton. Cunning Pedagogics: The Encounter Between the Jesuit Missionaries and Amerindians in 17th-century New France. Adult Education Quarterly, vol. 55 (20), February 2005, pp. 101-115.

Unit 3

J. McNairn, Introduction.

In The Capacity to Judge: Public Opinion and Deliberative Democracy in Upper Canada, 1791-1854.(Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000), pp. 1-22.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography On-line Richard Preston
Dictionary of Canadian Biography On-line. William Duncan.

Unit 4

Michael Welton. Dangerous Knowledge: Canadian Workers’ Education in the Decades of Discord. Studies in the Education of Adults, vol. 23 (1), April 1991, pp. 24-40.
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Michael Welton. Pioneers and Progressive Pedagogues: Carrying the University to the People of Saskatchewan, 1905-1928 The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, vol. 17 (2), November 2003, pp. 59-82.

Unit 5

G. Friesen. Adult Education and Union Education: Aspects of English Canadian Cultural History in the 20th Century.

Labour/Le Travail, vol. 34, Fall 1994, pp. 163-188.

Video and Audio Files

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