HUMN 417/CLST 417: Theoretical Issues in Cultural Studies and the Humanities (Rev. A1/A1) Report a Broken Link

This course is designed to develop the student's understanding and appreciation for the role of critical theory, and the theoretical issues it poses, in relation to cultural studies and the humanities. Students will acquire not only a familiarity with the various schools of critical theory and how they have impacted various academic disciplines, but will also further develop their own skills in critical thinking as they work their way through the questions that theoretical issue present. This course illustrates that not only has theory had an effect on all areas of academic learning, but that indeed it has 'trickled down' and impacts all aspects of modern life and popular culture. The key objective, other than those mentioned above, is to show students how theory is relevant to their lives, thoughts, experiences and interpretations of the world around them.

Required Readings

Optional Readings

Unit 2

Unit 9

Supplementary Readings

The following works are to be considered supplementary materials for the entire course. They are not assigned readings, and are provided only in the hope that they may prove helpful to students wishing to flesh out the assigned readings, gain deeper understanding of the material and issues posed, and have a starting point for conducting research for assignments. It is hoped that students will make use of this list throughout the duration of the course. Most are e-books, available to Athabasca University students via the library website.



Structuralism/Deconstruction Theory/Linguistics

Journals of Interest