HIST 225: History of Canada 1867 to the Present (Rev. C6) Report a Broken Link

Welcome to History 225: History of Canada, 1867 to the Present, a three-credit, junior-level course offered by Athabasca University. This course introduces major themes in the political, social, and economic history of Canada from Confederation in 1867 to the recent past. History 225 introduces the major events in Canada’s post-Confederation history and portrays the lives of various groups of Canadians throughout this period. Issues of race, gender, and social class receive considerable attention since these categories played an important role in determining the life chances of individuals. Although this course presents numerous facts, it also pays close attention to the debates among historians about how to weave the facts together.

Home Page

Strikwerda, Eric. “History 225: History of Canada, 1867 to the Present.” Athabasca, AB: Athabasca University, 2015.

Required Readings

Unit 1

Inventing Canada, 1867-1914
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Unit 2

Economy and Society in the Industrial Age, 1867-1918

Unit 3

Transitional Years: Canada, 1919-1945
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Unit 4

Prosperous Times? Canada, 1945-1975

Unit 5

Post-Modern Canada