IDRL 201: Labour Unions Report a Broken Link

Industrial Relations 201 is a three-credit, junior-level introduction to labour unions in Canada. The course is designed to relate your knowledge about and experience with trade unions and employment to the broader field of industrial relations. The course examines unions in terms of their purposes, organization, and operation, and it considers the context in which unions operate and the challenges they face.

The Learning Activities listed below contain required reading and viewing materials and are part of the course content. The online materials for Industrial Relations 201 will direct you to these and other Learning Activities at the appropriate points in the course.

Unit 1

Learning Activity 4

Unit 2

Learning Activity 13

See Part 2, chapter 8, page 193.

Learning Activity 15
Learning Activity 16

See Part 2, Chapter 7, page 194.

Unit 3

Learning Activity 22

See Part 2, chapter 4.

Unit 4

Unit 5

Learning Activity 33
Learning Activity 36
Learning Activity 37
Learning Activity 39 (Optional)
Learning Activity 40