SOCI 435: Theories of Social Change (Rev. C4 and Rev. C5) Report a Broken Link

Sociology 435 is a three-credit, senior-level course designed to introduce the concept of social change from a theoretical perspective, and to encourage students to criticize theories of social change by considering how they develop, who they benefit or disadvantage, and what social roles they play.

Required Readings

Unit 2

The Maturing Tradition I: Robert K.Merton's Empirical Approach. Jonathan H. Turner

Unit 3

The Maturing Tradition I: Ralf Dahrendorf's Dialectical Theory. Jonathan H.Turner

Unit 4

Marcuse's "One-Dimensionality." Ben Agger

Unit 6

The Maturing Tradition IV: Erving Goffman's Dramaturgical Approach. Jonathan H.Turner

Unit 7

The Philosophical Concerns of Ethnomethodology. Warren Handel

Unit 9

Feminist Theory and Sociology: Underutilized Contributions for Mainstream Theory. Janet Saltzman Chafetz

Unit 11

The Continuing Tradition I: Jurgen Habermas' Frankfurt-School Project. Jonathan H.Turner

Unit 12

Modernism, Post Modernism and Organizational Analysis 2: The Contribution of Michel Foucault. Gibson Burrell

Supplementary Readings

Units 1--5

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5