POLI 307: Political Ideologies (Rev. A4) Report a Broken Link

POLI 307 presents a broad survey of the major political ideologies of modern times, situated within the context of their historical development. The course first examines the nineteenth-century ideologies of capitalism, liberalism, and democracy followed by anti-liberal and anti-capitalist ideologies—conservatism, anarchism, utopianism, scientific Marxism, and nationalism. The age of mass twentieth-century ideologies of contemporary liberal democracy, social democracy, Marxist-Leninism, and fascism and national socialism are then examined along with major ideologies and discourses from the Third World. Finally, the course considers contemporary ideological currents, the search for community, post-materialism, post-modernism, and the new social movements—feminism and environmentalism.

Unit 3

Note: Read pages 226-31 and 245-47.

Unit 4

Note: Read pages 1 to 10 (PDF numeration), to the end of section II.