GLST 205: Building Blocks of Global Studies: Overview of Approaches, Concepts, and Issues (Rev. C1) Report a Broken Link

The study of transnational processes or globalization is essentially interdisciplinary, engaging insights from fields such as sociology, human geography, political science, cultural studies, and many more. This is necessary to increase the “depth” and “breadth” of understanding of the complex concept of globalization, which is used as a description, as a process, and as an ideology. This course begins with a broad overview of this multi-layered field and an introduction to the tools needed for understanding global issues. It also examines the core issues of Global Studies and the agents of change in our world, which are being continually shaped by complex layers of interactions. Finally, the course considers the various movements resisting global economic policies and wraps up with a critical retrospective on the state of our world.

Required Readings

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

All readings for Unit 3 are found in the course textbooks.

Unit 4

All readings for Unit 4 are found in the course textbooks.

Unit 5

Unit 6


Supplementary Readings

There is a list of supplementary materials at the end of each unit of the Study Guide. Students are strongly urged to read these materials in conjunction with the textbooks and other required readings. Please contact the AU Library if you require assistance in locating any of the supplementary materials.