ANTH 336: Evolutionary Anthropology (Rev. A1) Report a Broken Link

Anthropology 336: Evolutionary Anthropology provides a general introduction to a number of topics related to the evolution of human adaptations, including various human behaviours.

Unit 3

Using a Cross-species Perspective to Study Human Behaviour

Part 1, Chapter 2

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Unit 4

Evolutionary Psychology

Unit 5

The Dating Game: Human Pair-Bonds and Mate Preferences

Unit 6

Menopause: Is It Unique to Humans?

Unit 7

The Evolution of Human Language: What Is It and Who Has It?

Unit 8

The Evolution of Human Language: Where Did It Come From?

Unit 9

Brains, Bodies, and Burgers: How Has Diet Shaped Human Evolution?

Unit 10

The Evolutionary Origins of Religion

Unit 11

The Future of Homo sapiens