MUSI 412/CLST 412/HUMN 412: Cultural Studies in Twentieth-Century Western Music (Rev. A1/A1/A1) Report a Broken Link

Required Readings

Unit 1

Introduction: Art Music as a Cultural Phenomenon: Modernism and Conservatism in the Twentieth Century

Unit 2

Music and the Other Arts: Alban Berg and Wozzeck

Unit 3

Reception Studies: Igor Stravinsky and The Rite of Spring

Unit 4

Music and Nationalism: England: Ralph Vaughan Williams and On Wenlock Edge

Unit 5

Music and Nationalism: The USA: Aaron Copland and Appalachian Spring

Unit 6

Music and Totalitarianism: Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia: Dmitry Shostakovich and his Fifth Symphony

Unit 7

Music and Gender: Women Composers: Ethel Smyth and The Wreckers

Unit 8

Music and Gender: Homosexuality: Benjamin Britten and Peter Grimes

Unit 9

Music and Christianity: Olivier Messiaen and the Quartet for the End of Time

Unit 10

Music and Technology: Edgard Varèse and the Poème Electronique

Unit 11

Music and Film: Minimalism: Philip Glass and Kundun

Unit 12

Synthesizing Musical Traditions: Chinese American Composers: Tan Dun and the Orchestral Theatre Series

Unit 13

Canadian Music: Environmental Music: R. Murray Schafer and the Patria Cycle