PSYC 347 (2011): Introduction to Feminist Counselling Report a Broken Link

Psychology 347: Introduction to Feminist Counselling examines feminist theory and the development of a feminist model of counselling. The course looks at how feminist theory and philosophy can be applied in the helping professions.

Required Readings

Unit 1

The Role of Theory

Unit 2

Principles of Feminist Counselling

To get to the chapter, use the navigation tools on the lelft side.  Click on "IV Psychological and Health Issues" in the list..  The chapter is the last chapter listed.under this section.

Unit 3

Feminist or Gender Neutral

Unit 4

Radical Social Change: Implications

Unit 5

The Role of Culture

Unit 6

Women of Colour

Unit 8

Feminist Postmodernism

Unit 9

The Future of Feminist Counselling