ENVS 243/GLST 243: Environmental Change in a Global Context (Rev. C4/C4) Report a Broken Link

Environmental Studies 243/Global Studies 243: Environmental Change in a Global Context is devoted to the study of the interactions between human society and the rest of the ecological world. The course introduces the methodology needed for that study and examines topics such as atmospheric change, biodiversity loss, resource use, and agriculture. The course also explores how societies can move toward sustainable development and moderate their effects on the biosphere.

Unit 1

Studying Global Climate Change

Unit 2

The Earth’s Atmosphere

Unit 3

The Ozone Story

Unit 4

Greenhouse Gases and Global Climate Change

Unit 5

Biodiversity Loss

Unit 6

Energy Production and Climate Change

Unit 7

Agriculture and Global Environmental Change

Unit 8

Respecting Ecological Limits

Unit 9

Sustainable Development