HERM 301: Introduction to Heritage Resources (Rev. C2) Report a Broken Link


In Time and Place. Master Plan 2005. Edmonton: Alberta Community Development, 2005.

Unit 1: Heritage Resources Management

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Unit 2: Types of Practice: Museums and Archives

Unit 3: Types of Practice: Historic Places Management

Unit 4: Structuring Practice: Governance and Ethics

Lewis, Geoffrey. “The Role of Museums and the Professional Code of Ethics.” In Running a Museum: A Practical Handbook, 1–16. Paris: International Council of Museums (ICOM), 2004.

Unit 5: Justifying Heritage through Tourism

Unit 6: Who Controls the Past?

This article begins on the second page of this PDF.

Unit 7: What to Keep and Why: Determining Heritage Significance

Unit 8: Conservation?

From this publication please read the following sections:

"Introduction," page viii

"Chapter 1: The Conservation Decision-Making Process," pages 3–12

"Chapter 2: The Conservation Treatments: Preservation, Rehabilitation and Restoration," pages 15–17

"Chapter 3: The Standards for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada," pages 21–37

Unit 9: Approaches to Heritage Education

Unit 10: Interpretive Programming