BEHV 655: Self-Directed Behaviour (Rev. 1) Report a Broken Link

BEHV 655 introduces students to the theory and practice of self-management and self-control. Topics include self-direction and self-experimentation as a way of life, behavioral self-regulation, cognitive self-regulation, and emotional self-management. Course requirements include applying the principles and theories of self-management in order to meet personal and career objectives.

Unit 1

Required Readings
Roberts, Seth/Rosenthal, Robert/Rubin, Donald B./Roberts, Seth. (2001). Surprises from self-experimentation: Sleep, mood, and weight/Comment: Lessons from self-experimentation: Counting for content, inspecting for insight/Comment: Self-experimentation for causal effects/Rejoinder. Chance, 14(2), 7–18. Please note that this pdf contains the first four readings for Unit 1. This site has been linked to information maintained by the Iowa State University Public Homepage Server at
Franklin, Benjamin. (1793). Pages 35-44 of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Web site of

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Supplementary Readings
Franklin, Benjamin. (1758, August). A letter from Father Abraham to his beloved son. The New-England Magazine. The History Carper Web site.

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Pythagoras. (1904). The golden verses of Pythagoras and other Pythagorean fragments (Florence M. Firth, Ed.; Annie Besant, Intr.). Hollywood, CA: Theosophical Publishing House. The Internet Sacred Text Archive.

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Unit 2

Wallace, I. & Pear, J. (1977).  Self-control techniques of famous novelists. 

Journal of Applied Behavior  Analysis, 10, 515-525.

Epstein, R. (1997). Skinner a self-manager. .

Journal of Applied Behavior  Analysis, 30, 545-568

Unit 4

Supplementary Reading
Heward, William L. Ten faulty notions about teaching and learning that hinder the effectiveness of special education.

The Journal of Special Education, 36(4), 186–205.

Unit 6

Other Resources