HERM 339: Conservation (Rev C4) Report a Broken Link

HERM 339: Conservation introduces the fundamental principles of conservation and explores their application by museums, archives, and other collecting institutions. Heritage resources management practitioners need to understand the concept of conservation and the fact that it is one of the prime responsibilities of heritage institutions.


Unit 1: Introduction to Collections Conservation

Unit 2: Materials: Introduction and Organic Materials

Unit 3: Materials: Inorganic Materials, Modern Materials, and Composite Artifacts

Unit 4: Preventive Conservation: Agents of Deterioration: Incorrect Relative Humidity and Temperature

Unit 5: Preventive Conservation: Agents of Deterioration: Light, Ultraviolet Radiation, and Pollutants

Unit 6: Preventive Conservation: Pest Management, Fire Protection, Security, and Emergency Preparedness

Unit 7: Preventive Conservation: Display, Storage, Handling, and Transportation

Unit 8: Preventive Conservation: A Multi-Level Approach

Unit 9: Conservation Treatments and Documentation

Unit 10: Managing Conservation: Policy, Planning, and Training

Unit 11: Decolonization

Assignment 1

Assignment 5

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