HERM 322: Heritage Collections (Rev. A1 and C2/B2) Report a Broken Link

Effective collections management ensures that an institution’s collections are aligned with its mission and mandate, and that the needs of the source communities are understood and respected. At the same time, accepted methods and techniques must be applied in the cataloguing and management of collections data, and in the conservation, storage, and use of artifacts within those collections. HERM 322: Heritage Collections discusses standards, practices, and procedures used—and challenges faced—in collections management in major conservation and museum organizations in Canada and the United States.

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Required Readings

Unit 1

Heritage Collections: The Historical Legacy

Unit 2

Collections: Types and Uses

Home page: [UK] Museums Association http://museumsassociation.org/

“Imaginings,” at Glenbow [video]

Unit 3

Archival Collections

Home Page: Archivaria: The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists http://journals.sfu.ca/archivar/index.php/archivaria/

Home page: Archives Association of British Columbia http://aabc.ca/

Unit 4

Special Types of Collections:
Archaeological, Palaeontological, and Historic Place Collections

Home page: [UK] Natural History Museum http://www.nhm.ac.uk/

Home page: The Athenaeum of Philadelphia http://www.philaathenaeum.org/

Unit 5

The Process: Collecting and Documenting

Home page: Nova Scotia Museum https://museum.novascotia.ca/

Unit 6

Managing Collections Data

Unit 7

The Process: Artifact Storage and Conservation

Unit 8

Managing Collections: Assessing, Culling, Deaccessioning

Home page: Canadian Museums Association http://www.museums.ca/

Unit 9

Access and Collaboration
Slideshow of Haida Artifacts held by museums.