ENGL 361: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (Rev. C1) Report a Broken Link

Unit 1

Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance:
Separate but Equal: The Law of the Land
Roaring Twenties:
To Live In The 1920's
Fashions Of The 1920's
The Jazz Age 1920's
Beautiful Flappers - 1920's Color Fashion Film
Fashions Of The 1920's
The History of Prohibition in the United States
Speakeasies of the Prohibition Era
Flappers in the Roaring Twenties
46d. Flappers
Flappers - The Roaring Twenties
The Fabulous Flappers
Famous Flappers (1/3)
Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker - 2 - (1927)
Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker's Banana Dance
New Woman
New Negro NAACP

Unit 2

McKay, Claude: Biography
Hughes, Langston: Biography
Cullen, Countee: Biography
Bennett, Gwendolyn: Biography
Fauset, Jessie Redmon: Biography
Johnson, James Weldon: Biography
Red Summer 1919

Unit 3

Short Stories
Section 1: Reading Assignment
McKeever, Benjamin F. “Cane as Blues.” Negro American Literature Forum (4:2), 1970 July, 61–63.
Cancel, Rafael A. “Male and Female Interrelationship in Toomer's Cane.” Negro American Literature Forum, (5:1), 1971 Spring, 25–31.
Section 2: Reading Assignment
Walker, Daniel F. “Exploding the Canon: A Re-examination of Wallace Thurman’s Assault on the Harlem Renaissance.” Western Journal of Black Studies; Fall 1998; 22, 3; pg. 153.
Thurman, Wallace: Biography
Walker, Daniel F.: Biography
Section III: Reading Assignment
Fauset, Jessie Redmon: Biography
Johnson, Abby Arthur. “Literary Midwife: Jessie Redmon Fauset and the Harlem Renaissance.” Phylon: The Atlanta University Review of Race and Culture (Atlanta, GA), (39:2), 1978, 143–53.

Unit 4

Edward Christopher Williams: When Washington Was in Vogue

Unit 5

Nella Larsen: Quicksand
Bonner, Marita O. “On Being Young—A Woman—and Colored.” Double-Take: A Revisionist Harlem Renaissance Anthology. Rutgers University Press, 2001.

Unit 6

Arna Bontemps: Black Thunder
Bontemps, Arna: Biography
Krzemienski, Ed. Black Thunder. The Explicator.
Aptheker, Herbert. “The Gabriel Prosser Slave Revolt.” American Negro Slave Revolts, new edition, New York: International Publishers, 1974, pages 219-226 (original edition: Columbia University Press, 1943). Gabriel's Revolt
The Jacobins:
San Domingo Uprisings and Toussaint:
Lane, Suzanne. “Black Thunder's call for a conjure response to American Negro Slavery.” African American Review (37:4) 2003, 583–98

Unit 7

Zora Neale Hurston. Jonah’s Gourd Vine
Hurston, Zora Neale: Biography
Kanthak, John F. “Legacy of Dysfunction: Family Systems in Zora Neale Hurston’s Jonah’s Gourd Vine.” Journal of Modern Literature, Vol. 28 No. 2, Winter 2005, pp 113–129.

Unit 8

James Weldon Johnson. The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man
Johnson, James Weldon: Biography