ENGL 145: Reading & Writing for Academic Purposes (Rev. C1)

ENGL 155: Developing Writing Skills (Rev. C13)

ENGL 155: Developing Writing Skills (Rev. 14)

ENGL 189: English for Business (Rev. C2)

ENGL 212: Poetry and Plays (Rev. C5)

ENGL 255: Introductory Composition (Rev. 8)

ENGL 302: An Introduction to Canadian Literature (Rev. C4 and C5)

ENGL 303: A History of Drama Part I: Early Stages (Rev. C5/B5)

ENGL 305: Literature for Children (Rev. C4/C5/C6)

ENGL 306: The Literature of Work (Rev. A2)

ENGL 306: The Literature of Work (Rev. 3)

ENGL 307: Women in Literature (Rev. C4)

ENGL 307: Women in Literature (Rev. C5 and C6)

ENGL 308: Native Literature in Canada (Rev. A2)

ENGL 308: Indigenous Literature in Canada (Rev. C3 and C4)

ENGL 324: Shakespeare I (Rev. C5)

ENGL 325: Shakespeare II (Rev. C3)

ENGL 344: American Literature I (Rev. C6)

ENGL 351: Comparative Canadian Literature I (Rev. C3)

ENGL 353: Intermediate Composition (Rev. C6)

ENGL 361: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (Rev. C1)

ENGL 373: Film & Literature (Rev. A2)

ENGL 380: Writing Poetry (Rev. C1)

ENGL 381: Creative Writing in Prose (Rev. C5)

ENGL 387: Writing Speculative Fiction (Rev. C3/C4)

ENGL 393: The Early Twentieth-Century English Novel

ENGL 395: The Nineteenth-Century English Novel (Rev. C5)

ENGL 423: Advanced Literary Theory (Rev. C5)

ENGL 431: Indigenous and Canadian Drama (Rev. C3)

ENGL 433: Post-colonial Literature (Rev. A1)

ENGL 460: The Ecological Imagination (Rev. C1)

ENGL 481: Writing the Body in Motion: Canadian Sport Literature (Rev. C1)

ENGL 482: Advanced Fiction Writing (Rev. C2)

ENGL 491: Directed Studies in Literature (Rev. C3)

ENGL 551: Comparative Canadian Literature (Rev. 1)