ENGL 380: Writing Poetry (Rev. C1) Report a Broken Link

English 380: Writing Poetry focuses on expanding poetic technique through guided practice, close reading, regular use of a writer’s notebook, constructive interaction with peers, and informed instructor responses. With attention to weekly writing, reading, and revision, the course promotes learning to think and work like a poet. Students will find copious references to what various poets say about poetry and its creation, as well as engage in challenging technical examination of specific works. Balancing attention to the essential “small details” of the art, the course also opens up awareness of pertinent historical and cultural questions that enter into the discipline.

Lesson 2: Reading Poetry Aloud

“A Marriage” by R.S. Thomas (video)

“A Story about the Body” by Robert Hass (video)

“Two Songs” by Adrienne Rich (video)

“The Widow’s Lament” by William Carlos Williams (video)

“A Puppy Called Puberty,” “A Dog Called Elderly” by Adrian Mitchell (video)

“O Tell Me the Truth about Love” by W. H. Auden (video)

Lesson 3: What's in a Line?

Start with the second paragraph on page 18, beginning with “This study will argue that the prosody conducive to achieving…”

Lesson 4: More on Line and Sound

Lesson 6: Patterns of Imagery

Lesson 7: Diction—Levels and Multiple Meanings

A Country Tradition (video)

Lesson 8: Syntax—Grammar's Got Rhythm

Lesson 9: Rhetoric—Four Classic Modes

Lesson 10: Point of View, Persona, and Literary Spirit

This poem can also be found in the Appendix of Lesson 2.

This poem can also be found in the Appendix of Lesson 2.

Lesson 13: Stanzas and Sections

Lesson 22: Other Variations—Pattern, Concrete, and Conceptual

Glossary of Supplemental Terms

Herman Melville’s, Moby Dick [audio]

Herman Melville’s, Omoo [audio]