ENGL 325: Shakespeare II (Rev. C3) Report a Broken Link

ENGL 325 is an introduction to the study of the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare, focusing on his later works (tragedies, tragicomedies, and romances). The course will begin with an introduction to the perceptions of revenge in the age of Shakespeare and the conventions of revenge drama, and then it will progress through six of Shakespeare’s later plays and a selection of his sonnets.

Course Description

Course Welcome [video]

Unit I: Introduction and Hamlet

Useful Websites and Videos
David Bevington’s online three-text edition for Internet Shakespeare Editions (ISE).
Crash Course on Hamlet

Sarah Bernhardt, 1899 Hamlet, the Fencing Scene with Laertes

Natalie Merchant, Ophelia Music Video

Creating a Play for the English Renaissance Stage [video]

Unit II: Othello

Maggie Smith Sings "The Willow Song"  as Desdemona

Unit III: Measure for Measure

Useful Websites and Videos

Angelina Jolie Pitt's Speech to the UN Security Council

Actor's Community Theatre: Act 3, Scene1

"O Take Those Lips Away"

Unit IV: The Sonnets

Useful Websites and Videos
Tal Bachman's "She's So High"

Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag"

L.O.V.E. (2012)—VOLCANO

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

Critical Reading Towards Critical Writing, University of Toronto
Critical Reading Checklist, Queen's University
Required Reading
The Sonnets
Sonnet 3

Sonnet 10

Sonnet 20

Sonnet 21

Sonnet 29

Sonnet 37

You Complete Me

Sonnet 41

Sonnet 63

Sonnet 80

Sonnet 81

Sonnet 103

Sonnet 106

Sonnet 127

Sonnet 128

Sonnet 129

Sonnet 135

Sonnet 141

10 Things I Hate About You (Poem)

Unit V: King Lear

Useful Websites and Videos
King Lear (1910) Gerolamo Lo Savio

Edmund's Soliloquy, Act 1, Scene 2

King Lear (1971) Directed by Peter Brook

King Lear. "Act 3, Scene 4." Directed by Edwin Sherin, Broadway Theatre Archive, 1974.
The Blinding of Gloucester

Lady of  Sorrows
White Christmas Sisters

Required Reading

Unit VI: The Winter’s Tale

Useful Websites and Videos
Star Wars' Opening Crawl

Gangstalicious—Homies Over Hoes

Unit VII: The Tempest

Recommended Readings
Useful Websites and Videos
Forbidden Planet Trailer

The Tempest: Epilogue


Oxford English Dictionary
Explication [video]