POLI 392: Public Policy and Administrative Governance Report a Broken Link

Unit 1

Jocelyne Bourgon, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet. 1998. Fifth Annual Report to the Prime Minister of Canada on the Public Service of Canada, March 1998, 1–25.

Unit 2

Donald J. Savoie. 2004. “Searching for Accountability in a Government without Boundaries.” Canadian Public Administration 47(1): 1–26.

Unit 3

Canada, Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities (Gomery Commission). 2005. “Structure, Responsibility and Lines of Accountability in the Federal Government” in Who Is Responsible? SUMMARY. Phase I Report, 15–32.
Canada, Public Service Agency. 2015. “Values and Ethics Code for Public Service.”
Parliament of Canada
The Public Service Commission of Canada

Unit 4

Constitution Act of 1867
Constitutional Act, 1982

Unit 6

Lobbying Act
Democracy Watch
Canadian Council of Chief Executives
Council of Canadians
Canadian Labour Congress

Unit 7

Alyssa Croft, UBC, “Dads who do chores bolster girls aspirations.”
Canada, Government of. 1996. People to People, Nation to Nation: Highlights from the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Ottawa: Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.
Canada, Government of. Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian policy. (The White Paper, 1969).

Unit 8

Government of Canada Site
Canada Business
Canada International
Canada Public Consultations
Public Database of Federal Government
Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, 1993
Nunavut Act, 1993