HIST 385: History of the Modern Middle East and North Africa (19th Century–Present) (Rev. 1) Report a Broken Link

HIST 385 offers students an overview of modern Middle Eastern and North African history. Following a mix of thematically and chronologically organized topics, it surveys key historical events in the region from the fall of the Ottoman Empire to the present day. The course covers the topics of colonialism, nationalism, decolonization, modern state-building, gendered citizenship, consolidation of authoritarian rule, Islamism, and the Middle Eastern and North African uprisings of 2011.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

  • Watch from 24:48 onward

Unit 5

  • Article 22 (pp. 9-10)
    Note: English version follows the French on even-numbered pages.

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8

Unit 9

Unit 10

  • Scroll to Table 2, pages 7–11.
  • “Table 1.1: The Global Gender Gap Index 2023 rankings” (p. 11)

Unit 11

Unit 12