HIST / GLST 209: A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: I (Rev C4/C4)

HIST / HUMN 407: The Enlightenment (Rev. C4/C3)

HIST / INST 368: Indigenous Peoples in Canada to 1830 (Rev. C5/C5)

HIST /GLST 208: The World to 1500 (Rev. 1/2)

HIST 201: Europe: Prehistory to the 1700s

HIST 202 / HUMN 202: The West from the Enlightenment to the 21st Century (Rev. C5/C5)

HIST 205: Africa in the World: Between the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Postcolonial World (Rev. C1)

HIST 209: A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: I (Rev. A3)

HIST 210/GLST 210: A History of the World in the Twentieth Century: II (Rev. C2/C2)

HIST 216: Europe, 1618–1939: From the Thirty Years’ War to the Age of Dictators (Rev. C3)

HIST 224: History of Canada to 1867 (Rev. C7)

HIST 225: History of Canada, 1867 to the Present (Rev. C7)

HIST 235: History of the United States, Civil War to Present (Rev. C2)

HIST 304: Historic England I (Rev. C2)

HIST 309/HUMN 309/CLAS 309: Ancient Greece (Rev. C2/C3/C2/C3/C2/C3)

HIST 311: Blues, Jazz, and the Emergence of Modern African American Musical Culture, 1900–1970 (Rev. C1)

HIST 312/CLAS 312/HUMN 312: Ancient Rome (Rev. C3/C3/C3)

HIST 313: Humanities 313 / History 313 / Religious Studies 313: Early Christians

HIST 316: Heritage Research

HIST 326: Contemporary Canada: Canada After 1945 (Rev. C3)

HIST 327: Imperial Russia (Rev. C3)

HIST 330: Social History of Canada (Rev. C1)

HIST 331: Social History of Canada: Early Industrialization to Contemporary Canada (Rev. C1)

HIST 335: Global Labour History

HIST 336: History of Canadian Labour (Rev. C7)

HIST 338: History of the Canadian West (Rev. C4)

HIST 353: The Holocaust

HIST 362/WGST 362: Constructing Women and Men in Canada: A History Since Industrialization (Rev. C1/C1)

HIST 367/GLST 367: World War II (Rev. C2/C2)

HIST 369/INST 369: Indigenous Peoples in Canada Since 1830 (Rev. C4)

HIST 370/INST 370: The Metis (Rev. C3/C3)

HIST 371: Early Medieval Europe: 400-1000 (Rev. C3)

HIST 373: The Renaissance

HIST 373: The Renaissance (Rev. 3)

HIST 383: The Vikings (Rev. 3)

HIST 384/GLST 384: Europe Since 1945 (Rev. C2/C2)

HIST 385: History of the Modern Middle East and North Africa (19th Century–Present) (Rev. 1)

HIST 390: The Historian's Craft (Rev. 1)

HIST 404: Historical Foundations of Modern Science (Supplementary Readings)

HIST 404: Historical Foundations of Modern Science (Rev. C3 and C4)

HIST 407 / HUMN 407: The Enlightenment (Rev. C3/C2)

HIST 486: The Industrial Revolution (Rev. A1)

HIST 486: The Industrial Revolution (Rev. C2)

HIST 620: Environmental History of North America (Rev. 1)

HIST 632: Gender, Race, Racism, and the History of Classical Scholarship (Rev. 3)