HIST 224: History of Canada to 1867 (Rev. C7) Report a Broken Link

History 224: History of Canada to 1867 is a three-credit, junior-level course that introduces major themes in the political and social history of Canada from the period of Native control of the land to Confederation in 1867. History 224 is designed to give you an overview of what life may have been like during various periods for different groups of residents that occupied the region we now know as Canada. The “may have been” is important here—while this course presents numerous facts, it also pays close attention to the debates among historians about how to weave the facts together. Some of the course materials focus on the powerful decision-makers of the societies at the time, while others focus on the lives of ordinary people. Still others look at the interaction of the ruling elite and the masses. Throughout the course, issues of race, gender, and social class receive considerable attention since these categories played an important role in determining the life chances of individuals.

Required Readings

Unit 1

First and Second Peoples

Strikwerda, Eric. “History 224: History of Canada to 1867.” [video]

Athabasca, AB: Athabasca University, 2015.

Unit 2

Canada in the Period of French Colonialism

Alternative url: http://robarts.info.yorku.ca/files/lectures-pdf/rl_cook.pdf

Unit 3

British Conquest

Unit 4

Establishing a “British” North America: The Atlantic Colonies
and the West

Unit 5

Establishing a “British” North America: The Canadas

Unit 6

A Changing Social Order: Industrial Revolution and Confederation