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Political Science 383: Canadian Political Economy in the Global Era is a three-credit, intermediate-level course offered by Athabasca University.

In recent decades, much political discussion and analysis has been focused on “globalization.” For many writers, globalization signified a new era in which new technologies and the growth of global markets and production relations were sweeping away the old certainties of world politics. For some theorists of globalization, the day of the nation-state was over, and economics and politics would become subject to global influences.

Although there is no doubt that the world has become much more internationalized than formerly was the case—a trend that is captured by the term “globalization”—it is also striking that the tension between markets and states that is central to any discussion of globalization represents a very old theme in political economy. For Canada, integration into the global economy has been a constant feature of its economic and political history.

Unit 7: Paradigm Shift: From State to Market?

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Unit 8: A Global Framework

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