POLI 345: American Government and Politics (Rev. C2) Report a Broken Link

In POLI 345, we explore US politics and political culture, the US Constitution and federalism, and the various participants in the American government, which include public opinion, public participation, media, political parties, campaigns and elections, and interest groups. We also explore the major institutions of the American government, which include Congress, the president, the bureaucracy, and the courts, specifically the United States Supreme Court. In the last part of the course, after becoming familiar with the operation of the American government and the various participants in the governmental system, we explore five specific outcomes or public policy areas of the American government: personal liberty, civil rights, the economy, social welfare, and national security.

Required Readings

unit 1

unit 3

Note: You can retrieve this article online, as well as all issues of Policy Options, at http://www.irpp.org/po/

unit 4

unit 6

Ahn, M. J. (2014, August 14). Effective Policy Communication in the Age of Information Overload and the YouTube.www.brookings.edu

unit 8

Note: Read the following sections accessible through the Table of Contents on the left side of the website: “Barack Obama,” “Hillary Clinton,” “Timing,” and “John McCain.”

unit 9

unit 10

Horsley, S. (2016, January 9). For Growing Partisan Divide, The Bridge Is Still Out. www.npr.org

unit 11

Note: Both an audiovisual file and transcript of the speech are available on this website.

unit 12

unit 13

unit 14

America's Civil Liberties Union, (n.d.). America’s Surveillance Society, www.aclu.org
America's Civil Liberties Union, (n.d.). Why the FISA Amendments Act Is Unconstitutional. www.aclu.org
Department of Homeland Security (2005, December 14). Fact Sheet: The USA Patriot Act—A Proven Homeland Security Tool. www.hsdl.org

unit 15

Chapin, A. (2015, July 5). Dear America: Some Canadian Advice About Gay Marriage. www.huffingtonpost.ca

unit 16

Rosenfeld, E. (2016, March 11). Here's Why Everyone Is Arguing About Free Trade. www.cnbc.com
Epstein, R & McCain Nelson, C. (2016, June 28). Donald Trump Lays Out Protectionist Views in Trade Speech. www.wsj.com

unit 17

Maioni, A. (2013, October 2). Obamacare vs. Canada: Five Key Differences. www.theglobeandmail.com