POLI 450: Globalization and Human Rights (Rev. C1) Report a Broken Link

Welcome to Political Science 450: Globalization and Human Rights. This course explores how globalization and human rights are interrelated. While wealthy nations of the Global North historically have given civil and political rights precedence, contemporary human rights discourse tends to view human rights as indivisible. Thus, second and third generation rights—economic, social, cultural, and collective—are now discussed in conjunction with first generation rights (civil and political rights). The course places a particular emphasis on how economic, neo-liberal globalization has impacted human rights in the Global South, but also stresses how neo-liberal globalization has negatively impacted human rights in the Global North. Later, the course discusses how human rights may be best promoted and protected. Finally, the course concludes that a vibrant civil society, social movements, and transnational advocacy campaigns can impact human rights outcomes in positive ways. Political Science 450 offers ample opportunity for you to explore your interest in globalization and human rights. Welcome aboard!

Required Readings

Unit 1

Unit 2

Note: Read Chapter 1.

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Note: Read pages 39–49, up to “2.3 Right to health and environmental protection.”
Note: Read pages 5 and 18–20.

Unit 6

Unit 8

Note: Read from page 89 up to “Testimonies” on page 92.