WGST / LBST 415 (Revision: C1/C2): Sex Work and Sex Workers (Rev. C1/C2)

WGST /GLST/HIST 460: Famous Feminists and Their Times: Global History of Feminism (Re. C1/C1/C1)

WGST /HSRV 421: Advocacy from the Margins (Rev. C2/C2)

WGST 200: Feminist Research and Women's Lives (Rev. C2)

WGST 201: An Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (Rev. C1)

WGST 210: Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Media (Revision 1)

WGST 266: Thinking from Women's Lives – An Introduction to Women's Studies (Rev. C3)

WGST 301: Gender, Sexuality and Society (Rev. C3)

WGST 303: Issues in Women's Health (Rev. 9/10/11)

WGST 303: Gender, Women, and Health (Rev. C12)

WGST 305: (C2 & C3) / INST 305 (C1): Counselling with Indigenous Women

WGST 305: Decolonizing Mental Health (Rev. 3)

WGST 310: Feminist Approaches to Counselling Women (Rev. C2)

WGST 310: Feminist Approaches to Counselling Women (Rev. C2)

WGST 320: Gendered Bodies and Society (Rev. C1)

WGST 322: Sexuality in Society (Rev. 1)

WGST 333: Goddess Mythology, Women’s Spirituality, and Ecofeminism (Rev. C3)

WGST 345/SOCI 345: Women and Work in Canada (Rev. C4/C5 and C5/C6)

WGST 350: Gender, Science, and Technology (Rev. C1)

WGST 362/HIST 362: Constructing Women and Men in Canada: A History Since Industrialization

WGST 401: Contemporary Feminist Theory (Rev. C4)

WGST 422: Violence against Women: A Global Perspective (Rev. 4)

WGST 423: Mothering/Motherhood in the Real World (Rev. C1)

WGST 470/HSRV 470: Activism and Social Movement Making (Rev. C1/C1)

WGST 505: Decolonizing Mental Health (Rev. 1)