LBSC-577: Operations Balanced Scorecard

LCCL-569: Cross-Cultural Leadership for Global Advantage

LCHP-554: Coaching for High Performance

LCIM-594: Continuous Improvement & Quality Management

LCPC-578: Canadian Productivity Challenge

LDMF-595: Decision Making Using Financial Information

LEAN-581 May 2016: Lean Management

LEDM-552: Ethics and Decision Making in Complex Situations

LEDM-552 CGCE: Ethics and Decision Making in Complex Situations

LENA-560: Aligning Entrepreneurial and Personal Vision - Daring to Dream

LERP-586: IT Adoption: ERP and Inventory Management

LGSC-558_Feb2018: Green Supply Chain

LHRM-555: Introduction to Strategic Human Resources Management

LHRM-555 CGCE: Introduction to Strategic Human Resources Management

LIMM-593: The Future of Canadian Manufacturing

LMOC-551: Leading People Through Organizational Change

LMPM-597: Manufacturing Project Management

LNCR-565_February 2018: Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

LOSL-559: Outsourcing and Logistics

LPCI-585: Process and Computational Intelligence

LPDC-583: Process Design and Control

LPMN-590: Project Management for Managers

LPPM-579: Productivity Performance Management

LPSE-591: Project Sponsorship for Executives

LQMT-580: Quality Management

LRKM-575: Risk Management

LSAM-596: Safety Management

LSCI-572_June 2018: Strategic Communications

LSCM-550: Strategic Supply Chain Management

LSIX-582: Six Sigma

LSMI-571: Strategic Management

LTDV-570: Team Development

LTIN-576: Technology and Innovation

LTLC-553: The Leadership Challenge