FB Graduate Courses

APRJ-699: Applied Projects

CFIN-601: Corporate Finance

DDBA-800: Conceptual Foundations of Organizational Research

DDBA-801: Current Research

DDBA-802: Management Research in Practice

DDBA-804: Qualitative Research Methods

DDBA-805: Advanced Readings

DDBA-806: Dissertation Proposal

EBSL-631: Business Law

EEIM-665: The Energy Industries and Markets: Canada and Beyond

EEMT-666: Environmental Management: Problems and Solutions

EEPM-675: Essentials of Project Management

EGMK-655: Global Marketing Management

EGSM-646: Global Strategic Management

EHPS-653: High Performance Work Systems

EISM-622: Implementing Strategy Through Management Evaluation

EKLI-682: Learning, Knowledge, Innovation and Performance

EMDC-644: Managing Diversity for Competitive Advantage

EMGT-692: Macroeconomics and Global Economic Trends

EMNO-693: Management of Nonprofit Organizations

EMRR-699: Financial Markets, Risk Management, and the Regulatory Environment

ENVD 612: New Venture Development

EOCH-664: Making Sense of Organizational Change

EPMG-681: Project Management Governance

ERMS-690: Information Risk Management and Security

ESLS-669: Strategic Leadership

ESMT-614: Services Management

ETIM-686: Technology and Innovation Management Strategy

FMAC-503: Financial and Managerial Accounting

HCKY 641: The Business of Hockey

HCKY-642: Marketing Hockey Strategically

HCKY-643: Integrated Marketing Communications for Hockey

HCKY-644: Game Day Management & Marketing

HCKY-645: Hockey Operations

HCKY-646: Managing Franchises Strategically

HRMT-502: Human Resource Management

HRMT-502 Mar18: Human Resource Management

INTS-602: Information Technology Strategy

INTS-602: Information Technology Strategy - Hockey Specialization

Math: MBA Math Resources

MEDM-604: Ethical Decision Making

MEDM-604: Ethical Decision Making

MKMT-504: Marketing Management

OPMT-505: Operations Management

RAPM-650: Advanced Project Management

RASM-685: Advanced Strategic Management: Theory and Practice

RBGR-695: Doing Business in Greece

RCGA-688: Corporate Governance and Accountability

RDBU-638: Doing Business in the UK

RDLD-680: Developing Leaders

RHMA-691: The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions

RIBL-687: International Business: Understanding & Managing Legal Risks

RNCM-656: Negotiations and Conflict Management

RSCM-689: Supply Chain Management

RVET-651: Visionary & Entrepreneurial Thinking

STCH-600: Making Strategic Choices

STMT-500: Strategic Management

STOA-603: Strategy and Organizational Analysis